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April 9th – 11th, 2021


What is Bitcamp?

Bitcamp is a 36 hour hackathon and the prime opportunity to delve into your curiosities, learn something new, and build something awesome. With world-class mentors and 1,200+ fellow campers, you're in for an amazing experience. Whether you're a seasoned hacker or completely new to the world of hacking, we'll have something for you. If you're ready for an adventure, see you by the fire!

Hackers enjoying Bitcamp



7:00 PM -
8:30 PM
Opening Ceremony Main Event
8:30 PM -
8:30 PM
Hacking Begins Main Event
8:30 PM -
9:00 PM
Bitcamp 101 Workshop
9:00 PM -
9:30 PM
Team Formation Workshop
More workshops and events coming soon...
12:00 PM -
1:00 PM
Lunch Food
6:00 PM -
7:00 PM
Dinner Food
More workshops and events coming soon...
8:30 AM -
9:30 AM
Breakfast Food
9:00 AM -
10:00 AM
How to Submit Your Hack (Office Hours) Workshop
9:30 AM -
10:00 AM
Hacking Ends (submissions due) Main Event
11:00 AM -
12:00 PM
Lunch Food
12:00 PM -
3:00 PM
Project Expo Main Event
3:00 PM -
4:00 PM
Closing Ceremony Main Event
More workshops and events coming soon...


Bitcamp is a hackathon that values participant experience and mentorship over competitiveness and points. Come to have fun with your friends, learn something new, eat s'mores, and have a generally awesome time. We have all sorts of crazy activities planned for you...come find out the rest!

A hackathon is a creative marathon all about building something cool. Students are encouraged to come up with an idea, form teams, and then build out that idea (typically through programming!) into a product in 36 hours. We want you to take something you love (sports, art, camping, anything!) and combine it with technology to make something awesome. It's a great time to push the envelope and learn some new skills.

No prior experience is required to attend Bitcamp. Exciting workshops and helpful mentors will give you the resources to help you build your dream project. Just come with your head and a willingness to learn!

No idea? No team? No problem! There will be dedicated events during Bitcamp for idea creation and team formations.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate minors at this time.

Although Bitcamp is a hackathon, there is no requirement to hack if you don’t want to. If hacking isn’t your thing, you can still participate in our exciting workshops and fun mini-events.

We'd love to get you on our volunteering or mentoring teams! If you'd like to help, please fill out our mentor form or our volunteer form. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates!

Projects are submitted by teams to DevPost. You don't need to finalize your team until project submissions are due during the event. You may work individually or in a team of up to four campers. Don’t have a team in mind? No problem! Bitcamp will kick off with an optional team formation event.

Admittance into Bitcamp will be going out on a rolling basis.

Any college student or high school student (with a legal chaperone) is more than welcome to apply to Bitcamp.

Yes! There is no cost to attend Bitcamp.

People not registered for Bitcamp will not be allowed entrance to the hackathon.

From Augmented Reality Human-Scale Pong to a research paper detailing vulnerabilities in Google’s reCaptcha system, the projects at Bitcamp span across all categories and interests. You can check out all of the amazing submissions at the Bitcamp 2019 Devpost!

Arduinos, sensors (ultrasonic, photoresistors, thermistors), inputs (buttons, switches), outputs (LEDs, piezo speakers, 7-segment displays, micro servo motors), passive components (resistors, capacitors, diodes), and wiring.

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