Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season

Puzzle Solutions

Tapping the fire in the Bitcamp app gives a link to check your answers. Giving the right query parameters (mapping puzzle IDs to answers) returns the username and password to a gmail account. The first person to log into this account won the $50.

I See Big Numbers (bignum)

Each number is an ISBN for a book with a number in its title, part of a series, or somehow associated in another way (42 for The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). Doing the math and converting these numbers to ASCII gives "Sec 106 Row 6". We put a QR code in the seats that decoded to The Book Thief .

Ekrpat Telephone (ekrpat)

Each person Dvorak encodes the previous person's message. Because this sequence repeats itself every 210 iterations, the answer is the 8th member of the sequence: Decadent Nomad .

Trilingual (tri)

The daughters are clues to three programming languages: JavaScript, Brainfuck, and Whitespace. Running the code in the respective interpreters gives esoteric epsilon ball .

A Japanese Classic (nurikabe)

Solving the Nurikate and reading off the remaining letters produces camp .

If you have questions or think we made mistake, please email us.

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